The Volkswagen Golf R – Best Performance Car 2018

The awards keep coming for Volkswagen! The latest to join the parade of winners is the Golf R which was named the ‘Best Performance Car’ by Honest John. 

The fiercely quick Golf R, a range-topper, the halo of the extensive Golf line-up, beat some tough competitors to take the top spot in the hotly contested Performance category. Dan Powell, Managing Editor of, said “The inconspicuous but blisteringly fast Volkswagen Golf R leaves its rivals in its dust when it comes to popularity at 

“Praised for its sophisticated four-wheel drive system and potent turbocharged petrol engine, the Golf R is a car that clearly doesn’t need a lairy body kit to underline its quality. Fast, surefooted and wonderfully refined, the Volkswagen Golf R is a triumph of engineering and a worthy winner of our Performance Car of the Year award” 

Prior to its win the Golf’s smaller sibling, the new Polo, has in recent weeks been taking the awards spotlight with both a ‘World Urban Car’ title in the prestigious World Car of the Year awards, and a ‘Safe Car of the Year’ prize at the inaugural FirsCart Awards here in the UK. 

Want to know more? You can see our Golf Performance offers here! Want to know more about the award-winning Polo? Check out our Polo review here

Pulman Behind the Scenes: Ibiza and Arona

Hi everyone – Gemma here again! 

Last week we got our first taste of summer so we thought we would head to the coast to shoot our next set of videos – the SEAT Ibiza and Arona. 

Taking advantage of the fleeting British sunshine, The Social Co. brought their drone and we had some fun filming aerial shots of the new Ibiza. We got some fantastic driving shots of Graham, our host, driving along the coast. We can’t wait to show you the finished product! 


SEAT Ibiza and Graham Courtney


After taking the Ibiza for a spin around Seaham, we headed to the National Glass Centre and Roker Beach with the Arona. Built for the bold, the sharp lines and impressive styling looked fantastic on camera. Check out our test shot below!


SEAT Arona getting filmed


Keep an eye on our social media channels for our Ibiza and Arona video – we can’t wait to show them to you! This year has been a fantastic year for Pulman SEAT with our sales team being named ‘Best Sales Team in the Country’ for the second year running. This year we also scooped the award for the best Service and Fleet team. 

Here at Pulman we are incredibly proud to the oldest SEAT retailer in the North East and we make sure we deliver a fantastic customer experience. Want to know more about the Arona? Click here! Want to know more about the Ibiza? Click here

What is GDPR and how will it affect me?

GDPR 25th May 2018

You might have received a few emails or letters about updating your contact preferences recently. That is because a new legislation is about to start on the 25th May 2018:

General Data Protection Regulation – otherwise known as GDPR.

From a consumer or customer point of view, this is fantastic news, because it will give you complete control over the type of communication you receive and how you receive it. From the 25th May to receive any promotional communication, you will have to ‘opt in’.

From a company point of view, it gives companies including Pulman a chance to clean their existing customer contact data, ensuring that we only talk to customers who want to hear from us.

It has been a huge 20 years since the Data Protection Act (1998) was last updated, that is the same year Google launched! So it’s no wonder with all the advances in digital technology especially that the data protection regulation is being reviewed.

GDPR looks at the following key points:

Personal data – GDPR focuses on data that can be used to identify an individual.

Why companies need that data – there are various reasons a company can collect data. It could be for contractual purposes, i.e. you have decided to buy a car, certain information is required to process this purchase.

How companies will use your data – for example buying a car would require using personal data to complete a finance agreement on a car and to register the car to the correct owner.

Who companies will share your data with – i.e. when purchasing a car with Volkswagen finance, data will be shared with the DVLA to register the car and with Volkswagen Group Finance to process the finance agreement.

How is data secured – when storing the data or sharing the data, security measures are put in place to ensure the safety of that data. Such as data encryption and firewalls.

How long is data kept for – data will be kept for various timescales, e.g. purchase data can be kept for up to 7 years as required by law for accounting purposes. However, a general enquiry without consent that has not progressed to a sale will only be kept for the duration of that enquiry.

Right to be forgotten – as a consumer, you can request the right to be forgotten, i.e. your data will be deleted. The only time your data or certain elements of your data will not be deleted are because of a legislation or contractual requirement in which the data is needed.

To receive the latest offers, Pulman news or even the latest model or ‘how to’ guides from Pulman Group then we must ask you to ‘opt in’, as this type of communication would need your consent.

You can opt in by clicking here

You can choose the best contact method for you: email, SMS, Post or phone. You can also choose which Pulman brand you would like to be kept in touch with. If you change your mind in the future, you can simply unsubscribe. Remember, that we won’t bombard you. We will only send you information we think you’ll enjoy.

As part of our GDPR updates, we have reviewed and published a more comprehensive privacy policy which explains exactly what will happen to personal data and why. To view the Pulman Privacy Policy click here

Don’t worry if you are a Pulman customer and don’t want to ‘opt in’ to the latest Pulman offers, but would still like to be reminded when your next MOT is due or when your new car will be delivered –  this type of ‘non-promotional’ communication will still be sent to yourselves as there is a genuine and legitimate reason to do this. However, you will also have the option to ‘opt out’ of this by emailing:

The new General Data Protection Regulation is a positive move for everyone involved. If you are a customer and would still like to be updated on latest offers you simply need to ‘opt in’ and remember you can ‘opt out’ at any time.

Also be assured that Pulman treat your data with the up most respect and will look after your data safely, securely and responsibly.

GDPR – starting on the 25th May.

For more information on GDPR visit the ICO website by clicking here

How to integrate your SKODA with Amazon Alexa

SKODA owners can check the status of their car with just their voice thanks to the integration of SKODA Connect and Amazon’s Alexa virtual personal assistant. The technology works across all devices equipped with Alexa Voice Services and allows the owner to interact with their vehicles on a completely new level. 

By simply asking a question to an Alexa-equipped device, owners can receive information about numerous aspects of their car, from current fuel to the average speed of their last journey. Owners can also check to see if they have inadvertently left their lights on and even as Alexa to remind them where they have parked. 

To use, all you have to do is wake Alexa and ask a question! So if you want to know whether your next journey requires a visit to the fuel station, you can simply asl “Alexa, ask SKODA how far I can drive with the current fuel level”. Alexa will then check the fuel level of the car and reply immediately based on fuel level and average consumption of the vehicle. 

Interested? To activate you will need to update your Alexa device with a new ‘Alexa Skill’ – called SKODA Connect – which allows the device to communicate with your car! SKODA Connect is available on the Fabia, Rapid, Octavia, Karoq, Superb and Kodiaq models.