103.4 SunFM & Pulman Volkswagen partnership still “Rocing” with the new T-Roc

103.4 SunFM pick up the new Volkswagen T-Roc

You will not miss the new 103.4 SunFM official station car, the Volkswagen T-Roc from Pulman Volkswagen, Newcastle Road, Sunderland with its new jazzy design perfect for Sunderland showcasing the core red and white colours.

For the second year in a row 103.4 SunFM have chosen the Volkswagen T-Roc from Pulman. This year 103.4 SunFM upgraded to the T-Roc SEL trim which includes the full suite of Car-Net services, including connectivity for smartphones to the car via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Creating the ultimate handsfree experience when making a call, answering texts, playing music or asking for directions when the SunFM team are out and about.

The SEL trim also comes with 18” alloy wheels and LED headlights, helping it stand out from the crowd. The Active Info Display and 8” colour touchscreen Discover navigation system ensures that the premium feeling is also continued on the inside.

New 103.4 SunFM Volkswagen T-Roc from Pulman

(Volkswagen T-Roc SEL)

Chris Slater, Head of Business at Pulman Volkswagen commented: “It’s fantastic to team up with 103.4 SunFM for the eigth year in the row. We are so pleased that SunFM enjoyed the T-Roc last year and have chosen to continue with the Crossover SUV for the 2019 station car. It is a fantastic car and proved very popular within the Sunderland area since it launched last year.

Pulman Group is a family business and we’re also passionate about supporting the local area and community which makes us very proud that 103.4 SunFM once again chose to partner with us.”

103.4 SunFM

(Volkswagen T-Roc SEL)

Volkswagen expanded the SUV range last year with the introduction of the Volkswagen T-Roc and the Tiguan Allspace (7-seater), to join the existing Tiguan and Touareg SUV model range. This year will see the launch of the smallest Crossover SUV yet, the T-Cross. Volkswagen will also reveal the new T-Roc R trim at the Geneva Motor show in March.

Breakfast show hosts Simon Grundy and Lauren McLeish picked up the T-Roc from Pulman Volkswagen in Sunderland. Simon Grundy, Content Director and Breakfast Presenter comments: “It’s exciting to get the latest model from Pulman VW with all the latest tech. It looks amazing too. We’re also really pleased to be in partnership with a local, family owned business, because their values are very similar to ours. Both organisations are passionate about serving the local community, and we’re proud to shout about it with this brand new joint branded vehicle at all the events we host and attend over the next 12 months.”

103.4 SunFM pick up the new Volkswagen T-Roc

(From left to right – Lauren McLeish and Simon Grundy 103.4 SunFM Breakfast Presenters)

The unveiling of the new station car was made even more exciting as it showcased the fantastic new station identity. Sporting the true Sunderland colours of red and white, with the new 103.4 SunFM logo, it certainly stands out on the roads. The T-Roc was wrapped by Premier Graphics in Durham. Take a look at the unveiling video filmed by Social Co.

Debbie Bowman, Commercial Director of SunFM Radio said, “we are delighted to continue our partnership with Pulman Group into 2019 and are very much looking forward to taking the newly branded T-Roc out on the road throughout the year to the many events we attend in our community. Thank you to all at Pulman Group for your continued support.”

The new Volkswagen T-Roc is available to test drive from Pulman Volkswagen Durham and Sunderland, for more information visit pulmanvolkswagen.co.uk.

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60 Years of the SKODA Octavia

Ever since the automotive industry’s pioneering days, SKODA has been streets ahead – turning out cutting edge technologies and innovations. SKODA have always been passionate about people-moving technology, from bikes to cars they . Let’s take a trip down memory lane by looking at the SKODA Octavia…

This year we are celebrating  60 years since the production of the SKODA Octavia was launched! In January 1959, the first of this legendary model series rolled off the production line at the Mladá Boleslav plant. It was the brand’s eighth model after the Second World War and also the eighth SKODA model with the state-of-the-art independent suspension, which the manufacturer introduced in 1933

The Original 

The first two-door version of the SKODA Octavia left the main plant in Mlada Boleslav in January 1959. The top speed was 110km/h; the average consumption was 7.7 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres. 

The attractive, flowing body design was just as impressive as its driving characteristics. Technical innovations, including the from axle with coil springs and torsion bar stabiliser, gave the Octavia a high degree of ride comfort andeasy handling. The introduction of asymmetric headlamps during 1959 increased its saftey. 

SKODA presented a more powerful variant in 1959 with the Octavia Super, featuring a 1.2 litre engine and a peak output of 33kW. Demand for the Octavia model range rose sharply at home and abroad. 

Octavia Interior Original


The Rally Champion 

On 10 March 1960, the sporty ŠKODA OCTAVIA Touring Sport (TS) was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, which boasted an engine output of 37kW (50hp). ŠKODA applied to the World Automobile Federation (FIA) for homologation of the TS for racing and rallying in the class of unmodified road vehicles –  paving the way for the 130km/h two-door model in motor sport. The OCTAVIA TS scored a hat-trick at the famous Monte Carlo Rally, with victories in1961,1962 and 1963.

Rally Octavia


ŠKODA presented the OCTAVIA COMBI in Brno on 11 September 1960, featuring a two-piece, horizontally split tailgate. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the vehicle comfortably seated five and provided 690 litres of boot space with a loading length of 0.965 metres. After folding down the rear backrests, the luggage compartment capacity increased to up to 1,050 litres.

The two-door saloon was built until 1964; the last one – a grey OCTAVIA Super – rolled off the Mladá Boleslav production line on 11 April. The all-new ŠKODA 1000/1100 MB with a self-supporting body and rear engine would soon step up as its direct successor. The last OCTAVIA estate model left the Kvasiny line on 21 December 1971. Between 1959 and 1971, a total of 360,000 ŠKODA OCTAVIAs were produced, including more than 54,000 estate versions.

Combi Octavia

The Modern era – Part One 

In 1992 – soon after ŠKODA joined forces with Volkswagen Group – work started on developing a completely new model based on the legendary type designation. On a modern technical platform, former Chief Designer Dirk van Braeckel and his team created a body with an unmistakable design.

The OCTAVIA saloon debuted on 4 April 1996 and immediately gained international acclaim with a high level of active and passive safety. It also benefited from a boot volume of 528 to 1,328 litres. The OCTAVIA COMBI, which was even more spacious and especially successful on the European markets, was added to the range in March 1998; the first four-wheel-drive version was launched in 1999. More than 470,000 estates of the first generation OCTAVIA had been built by November 2010.

Modern Octavia

The Modern era – Part Two 

This success was topped by the second generation ŠKODA OCTAVIA, which was built from 2004 to 2013 with 1.6 million saloons and 900,000 estates sold. The second-generation model boasted many technical innovations, including petrol engines with direct injection and direct-shift gearbox (DSG).

Today, the third OCTAVIA generation forms the backbone of ŠKODA’s model range. It has been in production since November 2012 and was fully updated in February 2017. More than 2.5 million customers have already bought the third generation model.

Modern 2 Octavia


Volkswagen e-Golf Available To Test Drive At Pulman

We are ready to redefine the future of driving! From the exhilarating e-Golf to the city proof e-up!, Volkswagen electric cars combine the best features of our iconic models and zero emissions engines. We have some exciting electric vehicle news here at Pulman Volkswagen… did you know that the new e-Golf is now on site – ready for you to take on a test drive! 

e-Golf in Sunderland

So what’s the new e-Golf like? The first generation of electric Golf looks like a Golf, drives like a Golf but it doesn’t sound like a Golf. Despite the silent engine, the electric motor doesn’t compromise on performance.

There’s a range of options available when it comes to charging your e-Golf so you won’t need to worry about that! A comprehensive network of public charging stations is now in use nationwide. PLUS, its never been simpler to install your own charger at home. Worried about how long it takes to charge your e-Golf? You can charge the battery up to 80% in just 45 minutes to get you back on the road sooner! 

The e-Golf also has an impressive range and the simple-to use driving settings allow you to optimise energy efficiency or, if you prefer, maximise the power of the car. With its sleek and aerodynamic design it certainly makes an impression. From the blue highlights adorning the lights to the contoured front bumper – everything about the e-Golf will turn heads. And inside is no different, it sports plush seating for comfortable journeys and innovative infotainment options to enhance the driving pleasure. 

interior e-Golf

Want to see for yourself? We have four Volkswagen e-Golf demonstrators on site ready to hit the road! Why not come down during our Golf event and save an extra £500 off RRP on top of existing offers towards your finance.