The Awards Keep Rolling In For Pulman SEAT

Pulman SEAT Team win yet another award

For the second year running Pulman SEAT have received the Sales Team of the Year for 2018 award which is now comfortably placed alongside their many quarterly awards in the trophy cabinet…

So what is it that our Pulman SEAT team keep doing to win these awards?

There’s no denying that being awarded 7 out of 9 awards over a 2-year period is an impressive achievement but this wouldn’t have been achievable without the hardworking team.

“The people here know the customers personally. They’ve all been home grown, many of them securing their first job out of college or University with us. They receive fantastic mentoring from Alex, who has 32 years’ experience and knows the SEAT brand inside out”, explains Chris Slater, Head of Business. 

Chris Slater & Alex Paget at Pulman SEAT(Chris Slater & Alex Paget with their many SEAT awards)

Alex Paget, General Sales Manager at Pulman SEAT adds, “We teach new starters the SEAT sales process and key Customer Experience Management points, and then let them be themselves with customers. Once they have the guidelines and boundaries they can interact with customers on their level and tailored to their needs. They all have respect for the rest of business, and they enjoy coming to work – which makes all the difference to the customer and their experience”.

Training and developing the teams’ skills so they deliver a fantastic customer experience to both loyal and new customers is just one of the key tools to help achieve these awards. At Pulman, CitNow is used to send videos of the new and used cars available to customers who have requested this information, so they receive a personal viewing of the car. Responding to customer enquiries isn’t just between 8:30am and 7pm either, Alex ensures that his team answer out of hour enquiries by offering incentives to ensure the response rates are on track with SEAT’s targets! Pulman also partner with local companies and sports teams which increases the exposure of the Pulman brand across the North East.

Pulman SEAT team celebrating yet another award

As well as receiving outstanding awards, Pulman SEAT have been selected as one of the 22 CUPRA sites across the UK which is an exciting time for both Pulman and SEAT UK. Further to this, the dealership is starting its refurbishment in April with big plans for the new CUPRA area; the refurbishment is due to be complete by June!

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Pulman SEAT award winning team, win again!

Pulman SEAT have for the second time in 6 months  been recognised as the  Top Sales Team in the UK by SEAT . Covering all aspect of sales performance the Sales Excellence award – which is presented quarterly – measures the team on key performance indicators including new and used car sales versus target, Motability sales , sales lead management and customer satisfaction. Consistency of performance is key and the team based in Southwick have excelled in all areas to secure the quarter 3 award.

Alex Paget, General Sales Manager for Pulman SEAT comments “we are thrilled to have scooped first place once again for the quarter 3 Sales Excellence award. I joined the SEAT team here over 27 years ago as a Sales Trainee and there has always been a keen focus on providing a fantastic customer experience.”

Alex, who was recently promoted to General Sales Manager added “the Pulman SEAT sales team have been a tremendous support this quarter. The team have huge experience and passion behind them and go above and beyond to help everyone, this is reflected in the fantastic feedback our customers give us which is one of the key measurements in the sales excellence awards” 

This fantastic award is the cherry on top of an already exciting 2018  for Pulman SEAT. Having secured 3 national awards in 2017 they are also celebrating  the arrival of the new CUPRA Ateca and the team are preparing for the arrival  of the newest member of the SUV family – the SEAT Tarraco! The Tarraco completes the SUV family line up alongside the Ateca and Arona and is perfect for those families who need a 7 seat SUV. 

To take a look at the CUPRA Ateca drop by the Pulman SEAT showroom in Southwick, Sunderland! If you want to hear more about the SEAT Tarracco launch follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or head over to our website by clicking here

Pulman SEAT celebrates with multiple annual award wins

Pulman SEAT had an extraordinary 2017, achieving top of the table results across multiple annual awards; Overall Silver, Top Performing Sales, Top Fleet, and the coveted Top Satisfaction Performance Award.

We spoke to the team about their fantastic performance to find out how they had earned themselves 9 SEAT awards in the past two years and what it took to take the retailer to the network’s overall 2nd place position.

“The importance of looking after people is engrained in each and every person, it’s part of the culture, so it’s not surprising that awards are repeated here.” Andrew Cross, SEAT UK.

Pulman SEAT Head of Business, Chris Slater, takes us through some specifics which set them on the award road. “The Pulman promise is to deliver a fantastic customer experience. This is something we promote within Pulman, through the induction and people training process. We are proud to say that we have been recognised for all the hard work in ensuring our customers have that Pulman experience, whilst buying a new car or servicing their car with Pulman SEAT.”

There is a seamless process at Sunderland, customers are treated to a specific meet and greet team and are looked after throughout, customer care is a priority of everyone, from the cleaner, valeters and drivers to the team who are front line with customers. If the customer has been dissatisfied, we deal with it before it can become an issue. “We can get bumps in the road but we deal with it proactively”.

“We have two Motability specialists who can tailor the experience to that individual and their unique circumstances. This level of care and attention encourages referrals, our customers recommend us and we often see new customers here based on the experience we’ve given someone they know”.

Alex Paget, General Sales Manager comments, “I am very lucky to have such a fantastic team. We have had another fantastic year and these awards for customer service and performance are testament to how hard everyone has worked. I would like to thank everyone for their support and I can’t wait to see what the remaining 2018 brings.”

Engagement, ownership, culture

Chris goes on to tell James Jetten (Head of SEAT Customer Quality and Network Development) that the engagement of the team is paramount to their success.

Chris is a big advocate for staff engagement and has taken the unusual step of measuring staff culture and attitude. “We have undertaken surveys to measure staff negativity as I am a big believer in a positive attitude. I’m really proud of the fact that our scores are amazingly good!”

It’s clear to see that the staff are engaged, they take ownership and are all driven by the same goals. The effect of this is a strong culture of positivity and desire to deliver the best experience and be recognised for being one of the best retailers in the country. Delivering a fantastic customer experience.

Visit and find out why they are SEAT UK award winners.

The Volkswagen Golf R – Best Performance Car 2018

The awards keep coming for Volkswagen! The latest to join the parade of winners is the Golf R which was named the ‘Best Performance Car’ by Honest John. 

The fiercely quick Golf R, a range-topper, the halo of the extensive Golf line-up, beat some tough competitors to take the top spot in the hotly contested Performance category. Dan Powell, Managing Editor of, said “The inconspicuous but blisteringly fast Volkswagen Golf R leaves its rivals in its dust when it comes to popularity at 

“Praised for its sophisticated four-wheel drive system and potent turbocharged petrol engine, the Golf R is a car that clearly doesn’t need a lairy body kit to underline its quality. Fast, surefooted and wonderfully refined, the Volkswagen Golf R is a triumph of engineering and a worthy winner of our Performance Car of the Year award” 

Prior to its win the Golf’s smaller sibling, the new Polo, has in recent weeks been taking the awards spotlight with both a ‘World Urban Car’ title in the prestigious World Car of the Year awards, and a ‘Safe Car of the Year’ prize at the inaugural FirsCart Awards here in the UK. 

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SKODA Awards – Pulman SKODA Win Again

SKODA World Awards

ŠKODA UK Award Winners Pulman ŠKODA win again

Pulman ŠKODA have once again won the prestigious ŠKODA UK annual awards. Since opening in 2015 Pulman have won awards from ŠKODA UK 3 years in a row, for overall performance, sales, customer satisfaction and fleet.

Ian Jarvis, Pulman ŠKODA Sales Manager and his team take the latest ŠKODA accolades by winning Sales Manager of the Year in 2017 Competing against 125 other retailers, Ian beat off tough competition to scoop the prestigious title.

Based on customer satisfaction and sales performance, winning was a real team effort. Ian commented “I am very lucky to have such a fantastic team behind me. We have had another great year here at Pulman ŠKODA and this award is testament to how hard everyone has worked. I would like to thank everyone for their support and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings”.

Ian Jarvis Wins SKODA UK Award

As the top ŠKODA Manager in the UK, Ian travelled to Barcelona in April to compete in a 3-day competition with other Sales Manager winners from around the world. After 3 challenging days of being tested on product knowledge, management and performance, Ian finished 6th out of 32 in the World for SKODA representing SKODA UK. A fantastic achievement!

Since 2015 Pulman ŠKODA has grown in strength, starting within a pop up showroom and then moved to a purpose-built showroom at Belmont Durham in the summer of 2016, which is also home to the onsite Cafe: Café Dafté. Over the years the ŠKODA team have built an impressive arsenal of awards – from winning ŠKODA Retailer of the year twice in a row, to Fleet Sales winner – the Pulman ŠKODA team continue to deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Michael Lines, Brand Manager at Pulman ŠKODA continues “This is another great victory for Ian and the Pulman ŠKODA team. We are extremely proud to be a family run ŠKODA retailer, and to be able to win such a prestigious award it takes the whole team at Pulman to work together. I would like to thank everyone, from sales right the way through to the valeters, for helping us deliver a fantastic customer experience”.

Pulman ŠKODA, are a family-run ŠKODA retailer based in the North East. Representing ŠKODA for over 3 years, winning a brace of awards through delivering a fantastic customer experience.

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The SEAT Arona wins Red Dot Award

It’s another win for the SEAT Arona! The new Arona has been singled out as Best Product Design 2018 by the prestigious Red Dot Award design competition. This recognition highlights the fresh, dynamic and robust crossover design offered by the SEAT Arona. Its exterior and interior design and multiple personalisation options were the key aspects in selecting the SEAT Arona SUV as winner for 2018.

Since 1954, the Red Dot Award has been one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, giving international recognition to quality and innovation. So who decides on the winner? The Red Dot Award: Product Design Jury is made up of 40 experts from all over the world who are not permitted to be part of any industrial manufacturing company nor can they participate in the vote for those products in which they may have been involved.

We knew the SEAT Arona was fantastic thanks to its compact measurements and dynamic behaviour – which is ideal for nimble city commutes, motorway driving or countryside getaways. At the same time, the Arona is renowned for its incredibly safe and easy to use applied technology, as well as its comfort. On top of this, we are thrilled that the Arona has been recognised for design, yet another aspect that helps the Arona stand out in a very overcrowded SUV segment. 
“We are extremely delighted to receive one of the most prestigious design award for the SEAT Arona. We wanted to give a distinct crossover character, for day to day life and for the urban jungle”, said SEAT Design Director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. “The SEAT Arona is yet another example of fresh, young, functional, adventurous and comfortable design”.


The SEAT Arona is easily recognisable due to its highly expressive full LED triangular headlights and its iconic daylights. The Arona’s robust front follows the same structure as the Ateca, with a three-dimensional look that’s more pronounced, without being aggressive. The roof has roof rails, comes with line details that evoke the aesthetics of all-terrain vehicles and is customisable – without a doubt, this car has its own personality. This continues in its interior, which stands out not only in horizontal proportions that emphasise and enhance the car’s size, giving an even greater feeling of roominess and space inside, but in its increased sophistication as well. 

The High Console Concept also gives the console more prominence, which affects the safety and ergonomics, since every element is positioned so that you barely have to look away from the road while driving. Particular attention has been paid to the driver’s seat, and all of the instruments are oriented toward the driver. Everything is within reach, allowing for easy adjustments and increased safety. Do you make a lot of long journeys?The seats are more comfortable and provide a greater feeling of protection while holding the passengers in place more securely. The fabrics, shades and colours are exclusive to the new SEAT Arona, whose interior colours and trims offer many possibilities for personalisation, with the console, for example, being painted to match the dashboard.

Being able to customise the Arona means your car is as unique as you are. Colour-wise, the Arona is divided into two: the lower body, on the one hand, and the roof, plus the pillars, on the other. The roof can be grey, black, orange or the same colour as the body. You’re certainly not limited with the Arona – there are 68 possible colour combinations in total. 

The Arona has stormed into SEAT showrooms after the Early Bird Launch event. In a little more than three months, SEAT have already delivered 25,000 units of the new crossover. By the end of the year, SEAT will release the Arona TGI, which will be the first SUV worldwide equipped with a Compressed Natural Gas engine! 

Want to take the new Arona for a test drive? Head over to Pulman SEAT too book now! It has been an exciting year for Pulman SEAT, we are proud to announce that once again we have been crowned ‘Best Sales Team in the Country for 2017! Pulman SEAT, based in Southwick Sunderland, also scooped the prize for best service and fleet team for 2017. 


SEAT scoops awards at WhatCar? Car of the Year 2018

It’s that time of year again! The WhatCar? winners for 2018 have been announced and SEAT have taken this year’s awards by storm! 

SEAT certainly won their fair share of the WhatCar? accolades! The Ibiza won ‘Best Small Car’ and the Arona was crowned ‘Best Small SUV’. And that’s not all! The Leon won ‘Best Family Car for less than £18,000’ while the Ateca scooped the prize for ‘Best Family SUV for less than £20,000’ 

SEAT Arona

Here’s what WhatCar? had to say: 

The Ibiza beat off tough competition with its brilliant driving characteristics and practical interior. Quite frankly, it’s everything a small car should be! And it doesn’t stop there, the Leon has fun driving dynamics and well-crafted interior – a worthy winner for its price point. The Arona is more affordable, more comfortable and more equipped than its rivals. And the cherry on top? The amount of personalisation options on offer 

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SKODA secures 6 wins at the WhatCar Awards

It’s that time of year again! The WhatCar? winners for 2018 have been announced, and we are ecstatic that SKODA have been recognised again with no fewer than 6 accolades! Lets take a look…

It was another successful WhatCar Awards for SKODA with 6 wins! The Octavia and Superb Estate proved an unbeatable duo as they took home a pair of category wins.

The Citigo was awarded Best City Car between £9,500 and £11,000, while the latest member of the SKODA family – the Karoq – scooped the prize for ‘Best Family SUV between £20,000 – £30,000’. Other awards included ‘Best Estate Car for less than £20,000’ for the Fabia and ‘Best Executive car for less ten £25,000’ for the Superb

Here’s what WhatCar? had to say: 

This is the sixth time the Citigo has been named out middle point winner in this category – and it’s not hard to see why, it is perfectly suited to city driving! This middle point is teaming with competition across all the categories, but the new Karoq has also impressed thanks to its practical interior, smooth ride and strong and economical engine. As for the Octavia, it should be the go-to choice for families who want a comfortable and practical hatchback. 

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Volkswagen scoop a trio of accolades at the WhatCar Awards

It’s that time of year again! The WhatCar? winners for 2018 have been announced, and we are ecstatic that Volkswagen have been recognised again! 

Volkswagen Sharan

Volkswagen scooped a trio of accolades this year! The Touran won best MPV, the T-Roc was crowned the safest small SUV around, and last – but by no means least – the Passat GTE Advance is the best hybrid between £25,000 – £35,000

Here’s what WhatCar? had to say: 

All of the Volkswagen finalists have their plus points, but the Touran remains the most well-rounded MPV on sale. As for the Passat Estate GTE Advance, it takes everything we like about the Passat – its space, equipment and reasonable price – and adds in exceptionally low running costs and an electric driving range of up to 28 miles. 

Want to meet our WhatCar? winners in person? Book your test drive here!

Pulman SKODA win fantastic service award

Frothy coffees and full English breakfasts may not be the first things that spring to mind when customers want their vans serviced, but that’s exactly what they can get when they visit Volkswagen Van Service Durham.

The ultra-modern site has its own café with wi-fi and it offers courtesy cycles. And its customer satisfaction scores are placing it well ahead of the rest of the network. We spoke to Head of Business, Michael Lines, about the new customer experience his business provides.

“This site was built last spring and has given us the opportunity we knew it would. The main reasoning behind the café is they allow customers to spend more time here. We have longer to get to know them, and develop relationships. Our lead time went from one and a half weeks in the old premises to one day here. Customers come in, work in the café and wait for their services to be completed.”

Michael explains how many customers are using the facilities, and how the offer of a free breakfast or lunch in the café improves the overall experience.

“For fleet customers in particular, our convenient facilities make it easier to reduce downtime,” says Michael. “Once local customers have used the café once or twice, they sometimes pop in at the weekend, just to have a coffee. You can’t buy that sort of customer engagement.

“We can keep customers informed personally face to face, and the large windows at the back of the café look directly into the workshop, so you can sit and work on a laptop and see what’s happening to your vehicle while enjoying a snack or drink. It’s completely transparent. People feel looked after, comfortable and totally at ease with our service.”

Dedicated staff

Moving to a new site has also allowed the business to create a team dedicated to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Michael says: “My team are really friendly and focused. We have really invested in training, and everyone is enthusiastic about the qualification journey. Their knowledge and adherence to the Service Core Process makes a huge difference to the output and attention to detail of every job.”

Communication tools create customer delight

Service Manager Danny Martin says the team also totally embraces CitNow videos and Vehicle Visuals for customer communications. “We’ve just signed up to another 12 months of Vehicle Visuals because we found it really useful – particularly for things such as cambelts,” said Danny. “We’ve seen a real benefit to using the texts, and we often use these for follow-up communications.

“Although a bit shy at first, the technicians are now excellent at CitNow. Their commentaries are second to none; even our apprentice is absolutely outstanding at them. Using video is now just second nature.”


Area Service and Parts Manager, Dan Gibson, explained why he thought Durham was ahead in customer service. He said: “The customer experience here is second to none, and the passion for commercial vehicles is clear. Their ambitions are big and it’s refreshing to see their dedication and focus.”

Volkswagen Van Centre Durham ranked number one for customer satisfaction in the second quarter of 2017 and remains several points clear of its nearest rivals. It’s clear to see that this modern, focused and passionate team is up for maintaining its award-winning status.

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