What It’s Like Working Behind The Scenes At The Pulman Car Reviews

Working behind the scenes at the car reviews with Pulman Group

Speaking to family and friends about the recent car reviews we have been involved in, a lot of questions about what goes on behind the scenes arose from the conversation! So, we’ve gathered the most common questions asked from relatives and will answer what goes on behind the scenes in this blog…

How do you choose which cars to video and the locations?

Usually the cars which we choose for reviews are the latest models to the Volkswagen, SKODA and SEAT ranges. We work alongside Graham Courtney, avid car enthusiast Motor Journalist and North East correspondent for talkSPORT radio, and The Social Co. to create the reviews. We then put all of our heads together to decide on suitable locations for each car. Usually the location is in Durham & Sunderland to keep in line with the Pulman brand origin.

How long does a typical review video take?

Prior to the day of filming, Graham and Pulman together will create a script for the selected car before final proof, this is then sent over to The Social Co. so they can plan the shots and areas to use at the selected locations. At our end, we communicate with the branch where we are sourcing the car from to ensure it is ready for its film debut.

On the day it can take between 2 to 3 hours to get all of the shots required, this includes driving to the locations too! Usually the exterior shots will all be taken first, this is a mixture between video and image shots. Also, Graham will record the on the road review from the driver’s seat which is an overview of the car whilst driving along the location.

Afterwards Graham will send across the voiceover for all of the script to both Pulman and The Social Co. and the editing begins which usually takes around a week.

What happens when you are behind the scenes at the car reviews?

Behind the scenes we will coordinate with The Social Co. and Graham on which shots to take and which areas of the location to use. We also like to take our own images and short videos to share on our social channels to keep our followers up-to-date! We will also ensure there are no obstructions in the shots such as cones, rubbish or people (unless we have their consent to do so!).

What are the latest car reviews you’ve been involved in?

On Wednesday 20th March we recorded reviews for the new 7-seater SEAT Tarraco and the new all electric Volkswagen e-Golf around the Sunderland area. Thankfully the weather stayed dry and it was relatively warm, just a little windy!

Volkswagen e-Gold down Roker Beach from Pulman

SEAT Tarraco at Sunderland Stadium of Light from Pulman

Tell me a little bit more about the SEAT Tarraco review…

So, we decided to take the SEAT Tarraco to the Stadium of Light on the morning, with our SEAT showroom based in Sunderland, we thought this would be the perfect location. Obviously, we spoke to the security at the stadium to see which areas we could use and they advised us where we could go. We started with the exterior shots and then moved onto the drive road review, then we moved to the interior shots. During the video The Social Co. refers back to the script so they know which key shots to take as well as adding any additional shots which will look good in the final video.

SEAT Tarraco with Pulman Group

Behind the scenes in the SEAT Tarraco with Pulman GroupWant to find out more about the SEAT Tarraco? Read our latest blog here.

And the Volkswagen e-Golf too…

For the Volkswagen e-Golf after driving down by the river at North Hylton, we decided to make a last-minute decision to head to Roker Beach with the weather being positively mild and we have to admit it is a stunning location! The e-Golf was very quick for acceleration as you have 100% power instantly, so we arrived at the location quickly! The same process applied during the afternoon shoot apart from the exterior and interior video was completed before moving onto the drive road review. It was a little windy down Roker Beach but a great location, we also met a lovely couple walking their two Border Collie Sheepdogs who we spoke to about electric cars!

Behind the scenes with the Volkswagen e-Golf and Pulman

The new Volkswagen e-Golf from Pulman Group down Roker, Sunderland.

Find out more on the Volkswagen e-Golf over on our blog post.

Anything else to add?

Overall a very positive day for both reviews! Our car reviews wouldn’t be a success without the help of our voiceover, Graham Courtney and the hard work from The Social Co. in Durham. If you would like to be kept up-to-date with our latest car reviews, follow our social channels which are listed below!

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Twitter: VolkswagenSEATSKODA

View the SEAT Tarraco Offers here.
View the Volkswagen e-Golf Offers here.


New e-Golf at Pulman Volkswagen

Did you know that according to the Office for National Statistics, the average weekday commute for UK drivers is around 10 miles. Throw in a few diversions on the school run or to the shops and let’s call it 120 miles per working week.

If that sounds about right for you, then you need to buy the Volkswagen e-Golf.

The e-Golf is Volkswagen’s all-electric, battery powered version of one of the UK’s most successful and popular cars. You have all of the traditional Golf attributes like quality of build, reliability, comfort, interior space and high standard of specification, but without a petrol or diesel engine under the bonnet.

Of course, trundling through traffic on your daily commute will ruin your fuel consumption under normal circumstances, but in the e-Golf, that doesn’t matter. In fact, slow, steady driving will help matters.

e-Golf interior

Volkswagen admit that, okay, under perfect, warm conditions, the e-Golf has a battery range of 144 miles, but in the real world of miserable British weather, it’s likely to drop to somewhere in the region of 130 miles. However, for a lot of people that will easily cater for the Monday – Friday total.

And here’s the clincher. If you set off on Monday morning with a fully charged battery, you won’t need to do a thing until the weekend, and your total cost of ‘fuel’ will be in the region of £3. All you have to do on Sunday evening is plug the e-Golf into your household mains via a 3-pin plug, leave it to gently charge for around 12 hours….and bingo, you’re ready for a working week of cheap motoring. You can have a fast charger installed or, if you have one at work, it allows you to reach an 80 per cent charge in 45 minutes.

e-Golf charging station

You are also exempt from road fund tax and won’t have to pay congestion charge tolls. Business users can benefit from income tax advantages too.

Apart from all of that, the Volkswagen e-Golf is just, well, like any other Golf. It’s lively too with 0-60 mph taking only 9.5 seconds because, unlike with a petrol or diesel engine where you need to allow the revs to rise before reaching peak power, you have 100 per cent power with an electric car…instantly.

In terms of kit, you get sat nav, air con, Car-Net App Connect which allows you to mirror your smart phone onto the Golf’s touchscreen. There are parking sensors front and rear, powered windows and mirrors (heated), DAB radio and a host of safety kit.

Interested? The best idea to find out more is to go along to Pulman Volkswagen in Durham or Sunderland. Their experts will take your through all of the benefits of going electric.

Prices for the Volkswagen e-Golf start at £33,240.

To book a test drive on a new e-Golf and to learn more visit: www.pulmanvolkswagen.co.uk/new/cars/e-golf  

Volkswagen e-Golf Available To Test Drive At Pulman

We are ready to redefine the future of driving! From the exhilarating e-Golf to the city proof e-up!, Volkswagen electric cars combine the best features of our iconic models and zero emissions engines. We have some exciting electric vehicle news here at Pulman Volkswagen… did you know that the new e-Golf is now on site – ready for you to take on a test drive! 

e-Golf in Sunderland

So what’s the new e-Golf like? The first generation of electric Golf looks like a Golf, drives like a Golf but it doesn’t sound like a Golf. Despite the silent engine, the electric motor doesn’t compromise on performance.

There’s a range of options available when it comes to charging your e-Golf so you won’t need to worry about that! A comprehensive network of public charging stations is now in use nationwide. PLUS, its never been simpler to install your own charger at home. Worried about how long it takes to charge your e-Golf? You can charge the battery up to 80% in just 45 minutes to get you back on the road sooner! 

The e-Golf also has an impressive range and the simple-to use driving settings allow you to optimise energy efficiency or, if you prefer, maximise the power of the car. With its sleek and aerodynamic design it certainly makes an impression. From the blue highlights adorning the lights to the contoured front bumper – everything about the e-Golf will turn heads. And inside is no different, it sports plush seating for comfortable journeys and innovative infotainment options to enhance the driving pleasure. 

interior e-Golf

Want to see for yourself? We have four Volkswagen e-Golf demonstrators on site ready to hit the road! Why not come down during our Golf event and save an extra £500 off RRP on top of existing offers towards your finance. 

Inside the NEW Volkswagen e-Golf

We already know that the Volkswagen e-Golf is here to revolutionise the way we conquer the city streets. It has an electric motor that doesn’t compromise on performance, a range of charging options and a seriously impressive range, but what about the infotainment, driver assistance and equipment? How does the inside of the e-Golf measure up to the Volkswagen exceptional standard of vehicle? 

 It will be no surprise that the e-Golf is jam-packed with class-leading options that have always been staples of Volkswagen cars.  With Discover Navigation, finding your way around the infotainment options is quick and easy. Using this feature you can access all your favourite apps via voice or gesture.

On top of this Car-Net redefines in-car connectivity. Want to listen to Spotify? No problem! How about send or receive a message safely? The e-Golf has you covered. Car-Net helps you do all this with a wide range of helpful services including MirrorLink – the ability to connect your phone enabled apps to your dashboard. 

And it doesn’t stop there – the intelligent driver assistance systems in the e-Golf provide comfort and peace of mind! The main goal of each feature is to help you avoid difficult situations, but even if you find yourself in an awkward spot the e-Golf is always ready to help. Lets take a look at a few systems…

The standard adaptive cruise control helps you adjust your speed depending on the vehicles around you. Front assist includes emergency breaking assist as well as pedestrian monitoring – just in case someone unexpectedly steps out in front of you. 

The optional Traffic Jam Assist feature monitors other vehicles around you to help prevent collisions when you are in a traffic jam. Emergency assist meanwhile can detect when the driver is no longer in control of the vehicle and takes semi-automatic control. 

The optional Park Assist helps take the stress out of parallel parking. Not only will the feature help you find a space, it will also use ultrasound sensors to tell you whether your e-Golf can fit into your chosen spot. 

The optional Blind Spot Sensor warns you if there’s a car travelling in your blind spot to provide extra peace of mind. It also tells you if a car is approaching as you reverse out of a parking space.  

Want to know more about the e-Golf? Check out our website here or our latest e-Golf blog post here. We have the e-Golf in our showroom ready for you to take out for a spin on the streets of Durham and Sunderland. See you soon! 

The Volkswagen e-Golf: more than just an electric vehicle!

Do you want to join the electric movement and revolutionise the way you conquer the city streets? Yes? We have the perfect electric vehicle for you … The Volkswagen e-Golf. With eye-catching design and class-leading equipment, the e-Golf is more than just an electric vehicle. 

Following hot on the heels of the e-Up, the new zero-emission version of Volkswagen’s best seller is in our showrooms now! The e-Golf doesn’t stand for compromise, other than running on 100% electricity it is still full of versatility, practicality and agility. At a quick glance, you might be fooled into thinking nothing had changed from the traditional seventh-generation golf. Apart from a blue strip on the front grille, a pair of e-Golf badges front and rear and full LED headlights there seems to be little to differentiate the e-Golf from the more conventional combustion-engine touting siblings.  

e-Golf exterior

However, a closer inspection of the family favourite reveals there is a whole host of aerodynamic requirements which help it glide through the air efficiently. Included is a new bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights that mimic the shape of the e-Up, a closed-off grille, a rear spoiler atop the tailgate and a new rear bumper.

And it’s not just the exterior that makes the e-Golf the perfect city partner! Whether you need to make a call while driving, up-to-the-minute traffic updates, help with directions, or simply want to listen to some music, your e-Golf infotainment, assistance systems and equipment options have you covered! Want to know more? Read all about it here 

e-golf interior

The e-Golf is now in the Pulman Volkswagen showrooms ready to test drive. Why not pop along to Pulman Volkswagen in Sunderland (Newcastle Road) or Durham (Abbey Road) to take our latest ultra-low emission vehicle out for a spin!