Keep Your Car Fresh With An Air Conditioning Service From Pulman

Air conditioning service at Pulman

It’s important to service your air conditioning system to ensure it performs to its best ability over your car’s lifetime! Below we answer the most common questions asked from our customers…

Why should I have an air con service?

There are a number of benefits as to why you should service your air conditioning system in your car! We’ve listed the most important factors below:

  • It maintains the mechanical integrity of the air con system
  • It keeps you fresh, alert and safer whilst driving
  • A service can rectify any faults in your air con system before they turn serious
  • If you suffer from allergies, the air conditioning filters pollutants and airborne particles keeping the air in your car clean
  • In the summer months it keeps you cool and there is no need for your windows to be open (less distractions from the noises outside)
  • It help to demist your car during the winter months.

Benefits of an air conditioning service at Pulman

What would happen if I didn’t get it serviced?

In a nutshell, if you didn’t get it serviced you would shorten the life of the air con system; each year the system can lose up to 10% of its gas! Think of it like a yearly car service, if you didn’t service your car to replace the oil and filters, in time your car would slowly lose value and may lead to it not being roadworthy.

In time, unless the system is replaced, it will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed making it less efficient and it will lead to increased fuel consumption. It will come to a point where it eventually fails to work and replacement parts will be needed which could come at a cost!

Reasons to get an air con service at Pulman

What happens during an air con service?

At Pulman, we drain and recharge the air conditioning system. This is completed by checking the filters, hoses, belt and connections and we also check that the compressor and condenser are working correctly. Our skilled technicians will also replenish the liquids used by the system.

How often would you recommend?

Many drivers won’t have their air conditioning system on throughout the full year, mainly just during the warmer months and to demist windows in the winter, so we would recommend to service your air conditioning system every 2 years.

Why should I get an air con service at Pulman

If you would like to book your air conditioning service with Pulman select your closet branch below (we accept all makes and models for the air conditioning service!):
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10 Reasons To Visit Pulman For Your Next Service

10 Reasons To Visit Pulman For Your Next Service

Here at Pulman we offer servicing to both new and returning customers across Durham, Sunderland and the rest of the North East! But why choose Pulman over all of the other retailers? We’ve gathered our top 10 reasons in our latest post…

Reason 1 to service your car at Pulman: Fully Trained Technicians

Reason 1: All of our technicians are factory trained vehicle technicians, so you can relax knowing your car is receiving the best expertise and care! Plus, our fully trained technicians only use authorised manufacturer parts, so you can rest assured your car is being maintained with the quality materials it was originally built with.

Reason 2 to service your car at Pulman: Price Match Guarantee

Reason 2: At Pulman we price match any genuine like-for-like quote within a 5 mile radius of our Sunderland and Durham service retailers. To qualify for this, a written quotation needs to be provided.

Reason 3 to service your car at Pulman: Manufacturer Parts Guarantee

Reason 3: For parts fitted after the manufacturer warranty has expired, we offer a 2-year parts and labour warranty (Volkswagen, SEAT & SKODA).

Reason 4 to service your car at Pulman: Collection & Delivery

Reason 4: We know how sometimes it can be difficult to arrange a convenient time for you to bring your car in for a service! Which is why we offer a free collection and delivery service of your car within 20 miles from our service retailers whether this be from your home or place of work!

Reason 5 to service your car at Pulman: Complimentary Courtesy Car

Reason 5: We understand how some people need a car 7 days a week so while your car is in for a service we offer a complimentary courtesy car! However, if you do require this service it needs to be booked in advance and is subject to availability!

Book your service today

Reason 6 to service your car at Pulman: Complimentary Wash & Vac

Reason 6: There’s nothing better than collecting your car after a service and it looking as good as new gleaming in the sunshine! That’s why at Pulman after every service we offer a complimentary wash and vac!

Reason 7 to service your car at Pulman: Complimentary Health Check

Reason 7: With every car we service we offer a free express visual health check of the car’s components. Plus, it is our duty of care to check your car’s key safety features while our fully trained technicians are servicing your car! However, we won’t carry out any work which may be flagged in the vehicle health check without your permission.

Reason 8 to service your car at Pulman: Unlimited Wi-Fi Connection

Reason 8: We know that some customers would prefer to wait at our service retailers whilst their car is being serviced, that is why we offer an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot area. So, if you’ve had to take time out of work to bring your car in for a service, you can rest assured you’ll not fall behind on your emails!

Reason 9 to service your car at Pulman: Complimentary Refreshments

Reason 9: At each retailer we offer complimentary refreshments including coffee, tea and herbal teas, water and a range of biscuits. Plus, if you book in for a service at Pulman Volkswagen Durham or Pulman SKODA you can dine at our delicious Café Dafté which offers a range of daily fresh dishes, sandwiches, paninis and jacket potatoes!

Reason 10 to service your car at Pulman: Family-run Business

Reason 10: Last but certainly not least we are a family-run business, so we understand the importance of caring for your car whilst delivering a fantastic quality service!

If our top 10 reasons have tempted you, book your service with Pulman today! Simply click on the links below:

Or call your closest retailer:

  • Pulman Volkswagen Durham: 0191 383 7509
  • Pulman Volkswagen Sunderland: 0191 537 5993
  • Pulman SKODA Durham: 0191 383 7500
  • Pulman SEAT Sunderland: 0191 537 0015

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Preparing Your Car For Winter: Winter Checks

Did you know every year, 24% of weather-related vehicle accidents occur during bad weather? Whether it is snowing, raining, or icy, with the Pulman Winter Check we make sure your vehicle stays in perfect condition! As the evenings begin to get darker earlier and the weather gets colder, roads can be hazardous and you need to be confident that our vehicles are safe and reliable for the season. 

For just £20 our technicians will make sure that you are set for winter, this includes…

1) Winter Care Packs (Autoglym De-icer, Ice-scraper, Volkswagen Group screenwash)

2) Express Visual Check 

3) Free Wash and Vacuum 

What is the Express Visual Check? 

The Express Visual Check is a 34 point visual check of all the wear and tear items on a customer’s car. The check will be carried out when your vehicle comes into a Pulman workshop no matter the age and condition of the vehicle.  The check is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind and allows us to highlight potential wear and tear issues…

What are winter tyres and are they worth it? 

The main difference between winter tyres and regular tyres is tread depth. On a winter tyre it starts at between 8 and 9 mm, as opposed to 7 and 8mm on a regular tyre.

The grooves within a winter tyre are wider and deeper as well, forming a larger channel for snow and water to travel through – this helps maintain grip on the road. 

Finally, the rubber used to make winter tyres contains a larger percentage of natural rubber and silica in the compound. This doesnt harden as much as synthetic rubber in cold weather, which also improves the tyre’s grip. 

How should I store my winter tyres? 

Storage should be top of your list on things to think about, as its an important part of maintaining the lifespan of the tyre. They should be stored on the rims and stacking should be avoided. Additionally, they should be kept in a dark, dry environment? Sounds like a lot to consider right? Not necessarily! Here at Pulman Hotel4Tyres we store your tyres when you’re not using them, and fit them for you when the season changes! 

In short, we will…

Supply, store, and fit winter tyres – Supply you with winter tyres and store them until you are ready to have them fitted (free of charge) 

Store and re-fit summer tyres – When the winter tyres are fitted, staff also fully check and store your summer tyres. After the winter period, they then re-fir your summer tyres 

Store used winter tyres – When the summer tyres are re-fitted, as part of the package, Hotel4Tyres will check and store your used tyres 

Want to book your car in for a Winter Check? Click here 

What is an MOT test?

The MOT tests some important items on your vehicle to check that they meet the legal standards. It is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the UK for most vehicles over 3 years old. An MOT is not the same as having your vehicle serviced and doesn’t check the general mechanical condition. 

Defects found during the MOT are categorised as either 

  • Dangerous 
  • Major 
  • Minor 

The category that the MOT tester gives each item will depend on the type of problem and how serious it is. MOT testers will still give advice about items you need to monitor. These are known as ‘advisories’ 

What does the test cover? 

  • Lighting and signalling equipment 
  • Steering (including suspension)
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and wheels 
  • Seat belts 
  • Body, structure and general items 
  • Exhaust 
  • Drivers view of the road

MOT Test

Want to know more? Click here

What the test doesn’t cover? 

  • Engine 
  • Clutch
  • Gearbox 

Is your car due its MOT? You can book your test with Pulman by clicking here. At Pulman we want you to feel confident about the quality of service you’ll receive – every time you visit us. That’s why we devised the Pulman Servicing Promise: 

  • Free courtesy car on request^ 
  • Free lifts, collection and delivery of your car 
  • Free car wash and vacuum with every service 
  • Free visual check 
  • Free WiFi connection 
  • We’ll price match any like-for-like quotes within 5 miles* 
  • Fully trained technicians 
  • Friendly professional staff 
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks 
  • On-site cafe+ 

*Please provide a written quotation. ^Courtesy cars to be booked in advance to ensure availability. +Cafe Dafte located at our Volkswagen Durham and SKODA sites


Pulman Commercial Vehicle Servicing

Did you know that at our Pulman SKODA site we service all Volkswagen commercial vehicles? We make sure we give you competitive prices and competitive manufacturer warranty on every service and on all genuine Volkswagen parts. 

Here at Pulman we want you to feel confident about the quality of service that you’ll receive – everytime you visit us. That’s why we devised the ‘Pulman Service Guarantee’ which is designed to thelp you manage the cost of motoring and make your life easier…

  • Volkswagen quality parts with 2 year warranty 
  • Volkswagen trained technicians with 12 month warranty on labour 
  • Volkswagen diagnostics to identify and fix any problems 

And that’s not all. We know how important it is to keep your business running even when your van is not. That’s why we offer…

  • Extended opening hours 
  • Courtesy Vans 
  • Collect and Deliveries – we can pick your van up from your home or work premises and drop if back off once finished 
  • Waiting appointments – we have a fantastic onsite cafe where drivers can enjoy complimentary refreshments and free wifi while they wait. 

Want to know more about our latest servicing offers? Click here 

For instant answers to all your questions you can speak to a friendly member of our aftersales team on (0191) 383 7529 

Book Your Volkswagen Spring Check

It might not feel like spring outside, but spring really is here! Snow might feel like a not-so-distant memory, but cold weather can leave problems behind. Not to worry though, because they won’t get past the expert eye of a Pulman Volkswagen technician. 


For just £20, here’s whats included to get you in the swing of spring:


  • 34-point Express Visual Check (this identifies any health issues that need fixing or will need fixing shortly) 
  • Oil and washer fluid top-ups (this ensures your car has the fluids it needs to stay healthy) 
  • Spring Clean (a wash and vacuum to make your car feel better) 
  • Free Autoglym Kits (anAutoglymm ‘Perfect Bodywork’ and ‘Perfect Interior’ kit)